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Camp Hope

A unique camping experience for youth exposed to family violence where children learn to believe in themselves, in others, and in their dreams

Camp Hope Idaho Aspires To


  • Stop the violent cycles of abuse our campers have been exposed to

  • Give them their childhood back

  • Help them believe in themselves

  • Learn to trust others

  • Practice teamwork

  • Encourage personal growth

  • Let them know they are not alone

  • Provide therapeutic and adventure-based activities

The NFJC’s Camp Hope began in 2013 as a shared camping and mentoring experience in California. Camp Hope Idaho was established in 2014 to give hope to youth who have been exposed to domestic violence and child abuse with an adventure-based therapeutic environment for campers to realize opportunities to grow, while experiencing new challenges in the outdoors. 

The vision for Camp Hope Idaho is to break the generational cycle of family violence by offering healing and hope to youth who have experienced abuse. 

Camp Hope Idaho takes place at Trinity Pines in Cascade, Idaho.  This facility provides all of the necessary accommodations to make this experience a safe and pleasant one for everyone involved.